The cup of coffee story

The cup of coffee story…

Yesterday I was pulling out of my parking space at a local shopping center. It was one of those deals where instead of backing out, I pulled through the empty space in front of me. That lane was directional but nobody was coming so I headed out the wrong way. Actually still plenty of room for two cars to pass, people do it all the time. This lady whips around the corner, sees me coming out and just stops in the middle of the lane instead of moving to the right a bit so we could pass. Her mouth starts flying a mile a minute and she finally moves forward and to the side so we can pass. I look at her as I drive by and she is cussing me for all she’s worth. I’m in the wrong, so I’ve got no reason to get upset at her but here’s the thing… the cup of coffee.


A man accidentally bumps into a lady carrying a cup of coffee and she spills it. He apologizes but she still gets pretty nasty with him. He finally asks, “Do you know why you spilled your coffee? She replied, “Yeah, because you bumped into me!” He said, “No, you spilled coffee because that is what was in your mug.” He continued, “The same as your anger, it was already there and it spilled out onto me when I bumped into you.”

So, that’s how we are, when things don’t go right, whatever is inside is what comes out. Angry people are just looking for a reason to get that anger out just like happy people want to share their happiness. The anger is something I’ve struggled with over the years, way more in the past then now but I still have to keep a check on it when I get to the end of my rope. I also try to remember this when other people come unglued over something minor. So, what spills out of you?

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