My Church May Be different From Yours But It Is Still Church

My last FB post wasn’t about churches but it turned into a discussion about it so here goes…

I made reference to churches (as only one example of people fighting) and said how difficult it was for us to fit in anywhere because each denomination is so different that they all have their own flavor of Koolaid. That would be in reference to the difference of opinions as to how to worship, which day to worship, how to live your life and interpretation of scriptures. To attend a church, you need to find the one that “fits your beliefs” even though they all worship the same God and read from the same book. I made no reference to churches being bad for others, only that it was difficult for us to fit in anywhere.

Having said all that, I understand that we don’t go to church to worship people, we go there to worship the Creator. I agree wholeheartedly. However, I can talk to and connect with the Creator alone in the woods. I can do it barefoot and comfortable as opposed to wearing dress shoes. I can stretch out on a rock instead of squirming in a pew. I am surrounded by the sky, water and trees instead of walls and light bulbs. I can lay in a stream bed and let the water rush over me and listen to the water splash over rocks, which to me, is more peaceful and more beautiful than any choir. I am at home in nature, always welcome, without judgment. I’m doing the same thing Jesus did when he needed restoration.

There is only one reason to go to church; to worship God with others, but when the experience leaves you with more negatives than positives, it’s time to stop going. And yes… I have been to “your church”, maybe not specifically yours but I’ve been to enough to know that when you get a group of people together it eventually gets messy. That’s just how it is anywhere, not just churches. I deal with enough messy stuff all through the week that I don’t want it to be a part of my time with the Creator. I don’t need a committee to approve my time in the woods. There is no argument about what color to paint the grass or the leaves. I don’t have to be concerned that I unknowingly sat on a log that a long time member has been sitting on for years. The clothes I wear or lack of them isn’t set by a standard that may not be spoken but is enforced by harsh looks. There is no one to gossip about the struggles I have had in my life, the birds and squirrels are happy just being in the Creator’s presence and doing their thing. We are all just hanging out in, and enjoying the chapel that the Creator made for us to share.

So, I am sincerely happy for those of you who love your formal church. I understand, I really do. I grew up in church, I love the church and what it is supposed to stand for. However, after fighting my way through the denominations, differences of opinions and the messy stuff, I have followed Jesus right out the door. That’s where He led me but it’s okay if He led you in the door. We all have our calling and our people that we connect with the best. We all have different environments that we do our best in. It’s okay, it really is.

One thing that isn’t okay… people who want to chastise me for my beliefs on my page or anywhere else. You keep that messiness at your church. I left a place that I love so I could have peace and I won’t tolerate people running me down to bring it to me. There are plenty of people who would love to argue with you about whose beliefs are correct but I am not one of them. It wouldn’t be a fair fight anyway with the years of deep thought and soul searching I have behind me. I might add that I have found that you can think much better and hear the Creator’s voice much more clearly when you get away from everyone else voicing their different opinions. I’m still learning and growing and always will be, but I know what I know and I have a connection I can believe in.

It’s been a long road to the relationship I now have with the Creator, but I can honestly say that the peace of worshipping my way has replaced the confusion and frustration of formally worshipping with others. That’s me, but you be yourself, everyone else is taken. – Coov


bench cascade creek environment
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