Nature As The Enemy

Some people don’t like being outside and don’t enjoy being in nature at all. They see it as always being too hot, too cold, too wet or too windy. They complain that there are too many things that crawl, sting or bite. They see nature as the enemy and prefer to be securely behind doors, surrounded by walls, protected by windows and under a roof. 

Without a connection to nature, we become dependant on electronics and other people to fill our minds. We develop unhealthy habits that drain our mind, body and soul instead of feeding it. We need our time communing with the earth, we need quiet and time to reflect. We need to experience the changes of nature to feel alive. 

People who are connected with nature are more confident, independent and are comfortable with being alone. This busy world can get us out of balance and out of touch with reality. Restore your balance by stepping away and communing with the earth. Disconnect from what we perceive as reality and reconnect with nature, yourself and ultimately a silent communion with the Creator. – Coov 



woman wearing grey long sleeved top photography
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