Get Along Or Get Out Of The Way

I’ve not touched on any societal subjects in a while, kind of getting away from that, but I will share the article below and my thoughts.

Summary of the article; the dude won’t bake a cake for someone’s transgender celebration, same guy that wouldn’t bake a wedding cake for the gay couple. Just like the gay couple, this transgender person is suing.

My take; this is two people who just like to fight to make a point. The dude should just bake the cake. People in restaurants who don’t eat pork still serve it (only one example). It’s a service, not a request for your opinion. As for the transgender dude/lady, take your business elsewhere and let all of your friends know that the business isn’t LGBT friendly towards celebrations or events. Just the fact that you went to the guy knowing his history tells me that you wanted a fight.

The reason for so much conflict in society is that people are too busy looking for what’s wrong with others instead of looking for what’s right. The majority of people could get along just fine if they would find the good in others instead of defining them by one difference. Let it go and focus on figuring out why you are so unhappy that you have to look for reasons not to like people except those in your little group.

Get along or get out of the way. The rest of us would like to live in peace.

Link to news article here

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