Getting Hurt Should Have Good Results

We’ve all been hurt. It’s part of life and it’s up to us to decide whether it encourages growth and understanding or if we choose to allow it to cripple us emotionally.

One of the biggest reasons that people get totally devastated by hurt is that they feel like a victim, like it was all done to them and they had no part. That is seldom true. Fact is, most times we allow ourselves to be hurt because we ignored the warning signs. Sometimes we want something to work out so badly that we get tunnel vision. We convince ourselves that the negatives we see or the bad vibes we get are insignificant. 

Afterwards we don’t want to admit we were wrong so we see ourselves as the victim, like we were completely set up by someone else when in fact we set ourselves up. Sure, the other person played a part, but it couldn’t have happened without us going along.

Realizing the part we played and accepting our share of responsibility for the hurt that resulted sets us free. We understand that the other person wasn’t in control, we were and we made some bad choices.

We should learn from our mistakes, grow and move on. Instead of making us too scared to try again, bad experiences should always make us more knowledgeable and confident. – Coov

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