I find myself in a constant battle to keep my focus on the good things in life. It’s so easy to get drawn into a thought cycle that centers on work, bills and worry, resulting in stress. I find myself disconnected from nature, the Creator, those I love and even myself. If I’m not careful, I create a constant stream of negativity that washes away ambition and drains energy. It can get become so powerful that life itself is overwhelming and happiness is gone.

How do you fix it? Disconnect. Go somewhere, do something for a day that involves minimal money and planning. Find a quiet spot alone, away from everyone. The first thing you realize is that the world won’t come to an end if you unplug for a day. More than likely, most people won’t even notice you are missing.

If we don’t unplug, we get overwhelmed and become ineffective. Our energy goes into worry instead of fixing things. The harder we work at fixing our lives, the more tired, ineffective and frustrated we become.  A day unplugged restores mind, body and soul. We become more focused, more positive.

Each day needs to contain small moments of stillness. Have a book to get lost in for thirty minutes a day, meditate, sit in the yard without your phone and just look and listen. Stop to look at the sky often. Get your share of rest and most importantly, remember to breathe. The more stressed we get, the more shallow our breaths become which causes our bodies more stress.

Being positive and keeping a joyful heart is a daily battle for most of us, it’s not just you. Life has both good and bad. Deal with the bad. Focus on the good, and take time to unplug.  – Coov



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