Does your life keep you from living?

Normally in the summer I go kayaking once a week, sometimes every week and a half. This year I haven’t been since January and now the leaves are beginning to fall off the trees.
I was supposed to finally go kayaking today, however our AC went out Friday and I had to meet with someone today to see what we had to do to get it running. Wednesday was set as a make up day for kayaking but that won’t be happening either. Turns out we need a new unit so there will be a trip to the Credit Union and other things to take care of to make this happen. It’s okay, it’s just life. 
Here’s the point I wanted to make. Have you ever thought about how often life keeps you from living? The older I get the more I realize how valuable time is. The last 56 years rolled by so quickly that I only remember bits and pieces. I am certain that if I am given another 20 years they will only be a flash. I no longer take time for grated like I did when I was younger.
I’ve mentioned a lot lately about how we are in the process of redefining and slowing down our life. Getting knocked out of kayaking this week wasn’t anything to get bummed over, it is just part of life. It is however another motivator to get that life change complete as soon as possible.
How much does your life keep you from living and what changes can you make to improve it?



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