The Effect We Have…

The peace on FB was nice while it lasted but it has been disrupted once again by politics. People carrying signs, mostly say hooray for our side…
It would be good if people would do like we have asked on our website and look for what’s right with others instead of spending so much time looking for what’s wrong. If you are foolish enough to buy into the drama and negativity, you will get played by the politicians, the media and each other.
The reason politics are so divisive is because the truth is almost always somewhere in between and neither side has enough grounds to make a complete case for their side. Most importantly, y’all are fighting over people who, at the end of the day don’t give a rat’s ass about you or me. Your political pick just wants your vote to get into an office so that they can promote their agenda and their friends agenda, whatever that may be.
Most people will admit that we don’t really have a voice in government regardless of who is in office, yet they continue to disrupt their lives and alienate friends to defend their side. That makes absolutely no sense until you step back and realize that the anger and unhappiness within each individual has to go somewhere and politics is one of those outlets.
At the end of the day, ask yourself these things;
Have you made a positive difference with where you put your energy?
Did you bring yourself more peace or add to the negative thoughts and emotions that swirl inside all of us.
Did you bring people together, or add to the division?
How much of your unhappiness with others really just a reflection of the unhappiness within yourself?

Stop and think about what effect your actions have on you and the world around you. Don’t get sucked into the cesspool of crap stirred up by those who enjoy chaos around them to balance out what is inside. – Coov


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