People learn with their hearts

I’ve been unfollowing people on FB depending on the content of their wall… I am certain that others have unfollowed me in the past and I get it. I used to think that people who didn’t want to discuss certain topics were living with their head in the sand. Now I understand that they saw it as time wasted that could be spent doing something positive, not to mention that it has a negative effect on your mental well being.
In regards to politics; the future of our country is important but the one sided viewpoints that people hurl back and forth don’t resolve anything. And, I have to wonder how miserable people are with their life that it actually makes them feel better to spew all that anger and hatred knowing full well that they are going to receive it back and they will have to retaliate. If you do it to make a difference, you are. You are fueling the fire of negativity and division.
Religion; The various formal religions have started wars, destroyed families and divided communities. Even within each individual religion there is division of belief. Christianity alone has groups so different that they don’t even recognize each other. It’s foolish to think that you can spread the love of your belief by attacking others, yet that is what usually happens.
People believe what they believe and it can change, but it doesn’t change with harsh words. People don’t learn with their minds, they learn with their hearts. Say what you have to say with kindness. If people don’t get it right then, you have planted seeds. Be at peace with that because you sure won’t find peace fighting with others who believe differently. – Coov
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