Where does your life go?

I was going to title this where does your time go, but life seemed to make a better point. So where does it go and what do you do in the time you have left after all the things you have to do? Here is a breakdown of the average persons week without children at home.

Work, including lunch, getting ready and driving time;  47.5 hours

Sleep, what we should get minimum;  56  hours

Supper and shower; 10.5

Grocery shopping, lawn care, laundry, house cleaning; 5 hours

Doctor appointments, bills, errands; 2 hours

Activities with sports, church or other; 3 hours

Total of all; 124 hours

There are 168 hours in a week minus the 124 leaves 44 hours remaining a week or 6 hours of life a day. If you have children at home, this will be less. Also, you may work more/less, sleep more/less. It’s an average.

So what do you do with your remaining time? Truthfully consider how much of it gets burned up with drama, politics or the outrage of the week. What do think about, talk about in your spare time? What do you do? Does the way you spend your time create or destroy the good in you and around you? Does your thought life build you up or tear you down? How many grudges and how much hurt and anger do you carry around? Who else do you give your time to and how does that affect you?  

Bottom line is; time is life, your life. There are no second chances. You only get so much and when it’s gone, it’s gone. Stop and really think about how you allow this world to dictate your happiness. Most importantly, don’t live life from the outside in, live it from the inside out. Live, love, laugh and create. Don’t allow others to make your music for you. – Coov

This has been a Happy Naked Frog public service announcement.

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dark fire time paper
Photo by Eugene Shelestov on Pexels.com


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