Control your mind instead of giving that control to others

My neighbor was here working on our 4Runner this evening when a car came wheeling down the driveway. If you’ve been to our place you know it isn’t somewhere you just cruise to by accident. It’s down a dirt road and then a turn into a driveway into the woods and you can’t even see the house. At the top of the driveway you pass through a gate with a professionally made sign that says, No Trespassing. Private Property.

I asked my neighbor if that was some of his people and he said no. Luke, our German Shepherd went out to head them off and as I walked up to the car the guy stuck his head out of the window and asked if Luke would bite. I told him sometimes.

I asked what I could do for him and he said they wanted to talk to me for a minute if they weren’t bothering me. (They were both wearing suits.) I told him I would rather not hear about what they had and I didn’t really care for people to come raking around down here, that’s why there was a no trespassing sign at the beginning of the driveway. Dude told me that it was only trespassing if I told him I didn’t want him down here and wanted to know if I was asking him to leave. No shit.

Here’s the reason I am taking the time to write this… I’m proud of myself, because the new me I’m working towards remained in control. Two years ago I would have said what I wanted to say and hoped it led to him stepping out of the car. I looked at him and calmly said it’s trespassing unless you were invited down here. He said, so you wanting us to leave? I said, yeah, that would be a good idea.

Turns out they were selling Kirby vacuum cleaners. I told him my son sold Rainbow vacuums and he said I’ll bet you hate that thing. I told him I don’t have one, I have a Shark. Then we all laughed and they left.

So, although I’ve still got a slow burn going about them ignoring the private drive sign and then telling me that it didn’t mean anything until I told them to leave, I have the satisfaction of passing the test, not because they deserved to be treated kindly, but because I deserve peace.

Unfortunately I have figured out that addressing things in a calmer manner has taken a toll on me physically. I used to be healthy as a horse, but the last year I have developed all kinds of stress related aches and pains from bottling stuff up. I am determined to stick it out until I learn how to let things go.

We all have stress and worries, but the biggest mistake you can make is directing all of it into every incident of wrongdoing that comes your way. It’s a temporary relief that encourages anger which feeds on itself and needs more places to go. Take deep breaths and keep control of your mind instead of giving that control to others. – Coov

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