The Power Of Leadership

Dianna and I have a situation we are not in, but tied to. It involves a group of people, an organization that is struggling with internal issues. There was a leadership change awhile back and the place fell apart.
We were talking about it last night and Dianna said that the leader who had been there sure tore that place apart. I thought on that for a bit and told her that she was right, but what happened was already there, he just brought it out.
Here’s the thing about people and leaders; people are messy. Any time you get five or more together there are going to be problems. It doesn’t matter if it is a church, civic organization or the workplace, there will be problems that result from different personalities interacting.

What makes the difference is leadership. Good leaders bring out the best in people and bad leaders bring out the worse. The atmosphere in and around any group of people is a direct reflection of that leadership.
That brings us back to this situation. We have a group of people who were previously functioning well and supporting a good cause in spite of differences, who are now divided. I have serious doubts that the place will ever recover because many have left and there is animosity between those who remain. Even knowing and understanding what happened, it is still hard to comprehend the power the leader had and even more discouraging to see that power used in a destructive and selfish way. It is hurtful to see how it has affected the lives of people we have fellowshipped with and grown to love.

The problem with people in leadership is that they are sometimes there for the power, not because there is an opportunity to lead people to do something good. – Coov


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