Let go and live

(All of this won’t apply to everyone, but most of it will apply to all…)

We pay a price for those negative things we hang onto and bury deep inside. It isn’t always obvious that they are there but they will continue manifest as anger now and in the future. Those past things repressed will cause you to overreact to new circumstances. It will also open you up to being used, here’s how;

There are lots of people who like to vent about what’s wrong in their lives and in society. They have no intentions of doing anything about any of it themselves, they just want to stir others up hoping that they will jump on it and address it for them. This is where you come in with your repressed anger from the past. Unwilling  to accept that you can’t fix your own problems and also unwilling to let go, you are now presented with an opportunity to “right a wrong” and you think this will somehow compensate for your bad experience.

I said you will get used which may sound like a good thing since you volunteered, until you realize that you are fighting battles for people who hide in the shadows. Your anger and sense of purpose will blind you to the fact that you aren’t making a difference, you are only making people mad. Once you do realize it, that’s going to make you angry at those who ran and hid. Now you’ve got more unresolved issues that get buried and add to the smoldering anger inside. The more you accumulate things that you refuse to let go, the more need you have to jump on new things and try to “make them right.” It’s like a whirlpool of self destruction that is fed from inside.

The good news is that it takes determination to hold onto stuff and it takes determination to take a stand against something. That same determination can be used to let go. It’s not easy. When you let go of stuff that really bothers you it feels like you are condoning what happened but you aren’t. You are just accepting that things happen, it’s called life… and you are setting yourself free.

This world will cause us some suffering and pain, but if you hang onto it that is all that you will feel. Let go and embrace the good, the positives, the joy and love. Life is too short to be angry about things you can’t do anything about. Do what you can about what is around you, but focus on what you keep inside. That is where you will find peace.  – Coov


woman stands on mountain over field under cloudy sky at sunrise
Photo by Victor Freitas on Pexels.com

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