Today and everyday

Today and every day, I will…

Focus on what I do have, instead of what I don’t.

Lean towards those who lift me up and away from those who drag me down.

Refuse to get caught up in disagreements about anything that will pass.

Be grateful for those parts of my body that work well instead of focusing on the pain.

Accept the existence of things that anger me and dwell on the things that make me happy.

Learn from past hurt and be fulfilled with the love in the present.

Look for the good in others instead of seeing what’s wrong with them.

Find a quiet spot to renew my mind in this noisy world.

Refuse religion and connect with the Creator.

Choose thoughts and actions that heal me from the inside out.

Choose to be creative instead of being a consumer.

Value my connection with nature over electronics.

Refuse to let fear keep me from loving.

Live from the inside out and follow my spirit.

Choose fulfillment of spiritual depth as opposed to fulfillment of materialism.

Remind myself that all of life is connected and that I am a part of the circle.

Won’t allow the anger and negativity of others to infect me.

Absorb the good vibes the Creator has placed all around us and ignore the rest.

Keep my thought life uncomplicated, constructive and my mind clear.

background balance beach boulder
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