I have always been fascinated with power. It’s a major rush to twist a throttle and have a 600 pound motorcycle stand up on one wheel or to pull a trigger and feel the explosive recoil of a firearm. It’s awesome to stand next to a car with a built engine feeling the ground pound and hearing the thump in your head. There are other examples, so toss  your own into the mix.

Those types of power can be had by anyone. All you have to do is sell time out of your life in exchange for money to buy the power item of your choice.  

There isn’t anything wrong with having any of the things above, but now I’m more impressed with the powers that are free, the ones that no amount of money can buy. The power of compassion, of love, of respect, of understanding, of kindness, of generosity and the power of laughter. These are the things that have the potential make the world an awesome place. Ironically, the things you have to sacrifice to buy only benefit you and your ego while the things that are free benefit everyone, including yourself.

There is another power that I have a deep respect for and that is the power of nature. Nature has the ability to heal minds, soothe broken hearts and calm nerves. It also has the power to take back anything built in its path. That second power keeps me humble and reminds me of my place on this earth. It reminds me that I am a minuscule part of creation, not the center of it.

It’s important to think about the powers that you consider most valuable and how they benefit you and those around you. There are those things that are fun and those that are meaningful. They are all good, but balance is most important. – Coov

clouds country countryside dawn
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


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