Formality is unhealthy for the soul

Over the years I’ve developed a severe distaste for anything formal; formal events, formal clothes, anything that dictates “everyone must be and dress this way” instead of being yourself. It is unnatural and unhealthy for the soul. I also resent formal timekeeping.
I’ve fell into the habit (when possible) of doing stuff until I’m done. I don’t set an alarm because I sleep until I’m done. I have my down time in the morning and leave the house when I’m done. I work until I’m done, eat when I’m hungry, hike until I’m done and kayak until I’m done.
When someone asks me what time I’ll be there, it’s kind of like water running across the ground. It’s goes left and right, around stuff, pools up here and there before rushing down to the next spot. That’s how I go about my day. It seems much more natural then doing stuff by a clock. The clock doesn’t know or care anything about me or anyone else. It’s just a man made device of plastic and metal powered by a battery that counts down the minutes of my life. I prefer the sun and the moon, day and night, those are much better time keepers.
Native American Elder Dan in the book Neither Wolf Nor Dog; “I remember in that boarding school when they made us stand up and say that pledge to the flag. There was an eagle on top of the pole. They said that was the symbol of America. But I just looked right past that eagle. I knew what the real symbol was. It was that damn clock hanging behind it on the wall.”
river between forest
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