Easier isn’t always better

As handy as electricity is I can’t help but see the detrimental side of it. Used to be that when the sun went down, we shut down. When the sun came up, we got up. Electricity made it too easy to flip a switch to cancel out what was natural. That was the beginning of us getting out of rhythm with the earth.

Even still, the TV used to go to the National Anthem at midnight and then static until morning. Now with all night TV and the internet, the world is awake and available in our homes 24 hours a day. We used to have time to be alone with our thoughts, now we are constantly processing the thoughts of others.

Instead of communing with the earth by getting up early to tend to a garden before it gets blazing hot, we ride to the air conditioned store, in air conditioned cars to pick up pre-packaged food that is full of chemicals.

On summer nights when the crickets are chirping and the cicadas are singing their chorus a screen has replaced the front porch. We talk more and communicate less.

Seems that everything is geared for comfort and convenience but we have lost our connection with the earth and there is no longer a sense of community. That’s a hell of a price to pay to have it easier. – Coov

adult agriculture ball shaped daylight
Photo by andres chaparro on Pexels.com






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