Hardship and heartbreak

Hardship and heartbreak do one of two things. They either harden our heart, or plow up the depth of our soul where the seeds of new growth are planted.

A hardened heart is caused by self pity, by the refusal to accept the  circumstances and the pain that they bring. A hardened heart builds walls and forgets how to love, how to live. The souls stops with that moment and only the body goes forward into time, scarred, bitter and empty.

Those who are willing to absorb pain and suffering, and willing to sort through all of the thoughts that come along with it will eventually have peace. It’s like finding your way in the dark in a place you have never been. It is a matter of absorbing all of the hurt that you can stand and then looking for the light. Later, you absorb more of the hurt then look for the light and the cycle continues until one day, you reach a level of hurt that you can live with, learn from and grow.

The path to healing takes lots of turns. Sometimes you will accept love and support, other times you will want to be alone with your thoughts and sometimes you won’t want to think at all. It is a process that takes time and patience. Also, don’t let guilt convince you that having peace is being okay with what happened. It’s more like acceptance and moving on.

 All of us will have hard times in our life, some more than others. Those times can be a curse or a blessing depending on what you do with what you are handed. We can’t control what comes our way but it is awesome that we have the choice of how to handle it.

(Special thanks to some dear friends who are wading through some dark times right now for their contribution to this)


beautiful beauty blue bright
Photo by James Wheeler on Pexels.com


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