Stop being a pawn

We have a constant political push from each side… vote Republican, vote Democrat. Both sides are greedy and plagued with corruption. It’s all about which one gets their way, not about what is best for us. Over the years they have continually gotten more extreme in an effort to counteract what the other side has done. For the most part anymore you don’t cast a vote for someone, it is a vote against someone. As those in power fight to have the power, the common person is stuck between a rock and a hard place.

A friend made a post today that said, Vote!… But then accept the outcome with class.” – Mike Sweet

I agree, that is exactly what we need. We are pawns in a game so why tear each other apart defending our manipulators, especially when most of the people we vote for weren’t really people we wanted to vote for to begin with.

Think for yourself instead of being a parrot for politicians and the media. The majority of our representatives don’t represent us, they represent a partial side of us without compromise, compassion and logic. They start fights where we would have and could have talked things out. Ironically, that is their job, which they don’t do.

Thing is, it isn’t in their best interest for us to get along. If we got along, they couldn’t have their way. – Coov

people standing with signage on street
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