You control your happiness

Social media has brought about a change in interaction. Used to be you could share your thoughts about controversial subjects and have a discussion. Nowadays you share your thoughts and you end up defending yourself from an attack. Being behind a keyboard has emboldened people to say things they would be too scared or embarrassed to say in person.

I’ve never had that problem. Good or bad, if I say it on here I’ll say it in person. One change with me is that I’ve learned how to say things in a better way and learned when words, no matter how they are said are only going to cause problems instead of creating a path to understanding. Some things, even if fair and just are better left unsaid. At some point you have to accept that the world is changing and not all of the changes are good. Besides, being mad at the world is a big job.

Fortunately that effort to change the world around us can be put into changing ourselves. If you want to make the world a better place start with yourself. The only opposition you will have is an internal struggle. In the end you will find that most of the external things that upset you are just a reflection of your own unhappiness and disappointments. Realizing that will put you, instead of others in control of your happiness.

At the end of the day the question is, what and who are you really mad at? You can’t blame others for you have going on inside. – Coov


photo of woman standing on seashore during dawn
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