The News Isn’t Reality

The country the media presents to us is not the country we live in. Headlines are usually not reality, they are narrow views, sensationalized to appeal to our emotional side and to spur a reaction. A couple of examples…

Lottery winners make headlines while the half a million homeless might get a mention.

People trash like the kardashians get top billing while the efforts of good people go unnoticed.

Most importantly… I’m estimating that 5% of the population wants to fight and argue. That means for every 5 people who want to fight there are 95 who want to get along and live their lives in peace. The media interviews that 5% while the 95% of us who want to get along don’t have a voice. 

The responsibility for the media being like they are comes back to the general public. If people quit buying the paper or watching the news they would change. We need to stop giving the media and a handful of people the power to choose the direction of our country. – Coov


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