Don’t hide behind your unhappiness

As I’ve said before, I’ve got friends on the far left, far right and some that don’t even fit into a category. I love them all because they all have the best intentions and also because they have helped me find peace and my place just by observation.
The far left is fueled by emotion with little logic and the far right is motivated by logic with little compassion. Each side is trying to figure it all out and in the meantime they push and shove each other around claiming to be right, neither side listening to the others points. Because of this, they don’t learn or grow and sure as hell won’t ever get along.
I try not to get involved because neither side wants to listen, they just want to be right.
FB has been a good teacher for me. I used to jump up in the fray on hot posts with “reason” but it became a futile full time job. I like the saying, “Don’t get in a pissing contest with a skunk” That pretty much sums up trying to reason with keyboard warriors. It’s like waving a white flag in the middle of a battlefield and getting shot at by both sides.
Another contributing factor to the conflict is that too many people are bored or angry, or both. That relays into social media where they can belittle and antagonize without getting their ass whipped as would happen in person. Get a hobby if you are bored, develop your talents or volunteer your time somewhere beneficial. If you are angry, search for the words and posts that bring you peace instead of being drawn to the things that piss you off. Look for how you want to be instead of finding what fuels the negatives in you.
Don’t use your comfort zone as a defense mechanism and don’t ever buy into the belief that it’s better to be miserable where you are familiar than to risk sticking your neck out to be happy. – Coov
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