Free To Be Happy

Negativity only has as much power as you give it. When people are rude or inconsiderate, when the line at the store is long and one register is open… those things only last as long as you hang on to them.

You control what you listen to on the radio, watch on the TV or read on the internet. If it drags you down… turn it off. If people use you, it’s because you let them. If you hate your job, find another one. Owe too much, quit buying stuff.

Whatever negativity you have dragging you down, let it go. Walk outside and breathe. Find a quiet spot so you can find yourself and get back to who you were before you conformed and allowed the world to burden your heart and soul. Unblock your connection to the Creator and smile, because you are free to be as happy as you want to be. – Coov

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