The truth about the wall and Trump and Democrats…

Ranchers on the Mexico/U.S border have been asking for help for the last 30 years. They have drug smugglers coming through their land and “coyotes” smuggling people across. They are living on land that has been in their family for many generations and they don’t feel safe.

About the coyotes… they get paid good money to smuggle people across but have no regard for their safety or well being. Lots of times people get abandoned in the middle of nowhere. A lady I know along with her husband carry gallons of water out into the dessert to set up water stations so that less of the immigrants will die from dehydration. The dessert is littered with bodies of men, women and children.

Lots of the people who do make it across don’t have enough money to pay the smuggling fees and are placed in hidden sweatshops where they have to work off their debt for pennies on the dollar. Many of the women and children end up being victims of sex trafficking so they can work their debt off, again for pennies on the dollar.

Maybe we don’t need a “wall” across the entire border but we need a barrier of some sorts in strategic places to help curtail this and also to help out the border patrol who has also been begging for help for 30 years. Border patrol officers btw undergo some of the most rigorous training of any group because the atmosphere they work in is very dangerous and unpredictable.

Trump has a big mouth. He says mean, stupid and hurtful things. I don’t like it at all. However that doesn’t automatically make everything he’s trying to do wrong or anyone who supports him wrong.

Democrats have some real idiots at the helm, that doesn’t automatically make everything that they do wrong or anyone who supports them wrong.

One thing I learned quickly when answering calls in law enforcement is that there are two sides to every story and most often the truth is somewhere in the middle. The all or nothing, its my side or no side approach that pervades social media is childish and is turning lots of normally reasonable people into idiots.

Lighten up, take a breath and quit ripping each other apart. To those of you who love to fight, truth is, your facts are correct but they are only partial facts which makes them bullshit, that’s why people are fighting. – Coov


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