Life Happens

Starting when I was about 14 or so, I used to ride my bike to a hill that overlooked the town on one side and the country on the other side. It was a church property and behind it was a grove of pine trees with a picnic table under them… loved the way the wind sighed through the tops of the trees. I spent countless hours there alone both in the daylight and at night. It was my spot. I’d look out across the horizon at the farmland with the bypass running through. I loved the tranquility of the land but the traffic on the bypass and jets flying overhead were reminders of people on the move. I’d wonder where they were going and what kind of life they had. Sitting up there at that young age the world was amazing and the possibilities seemed endless and so simplistic.

I look back now at almost 57 and think wow, that was some complicated shit that happened since then. Van Halen got it right in their song, Running With The Devil: “I found the simple life ain’t so simple. When I jumped out, on that road.”

Who knew life had so many choices and so many variations of each choice with every one of them impacting the future in ways that you can’t even begin to imagine. Sooner or later, later for me, you learn to slow down and think. That’s when past choices and regrets start accumulating in your mind. So the key is to slow down, and when your thoughts catch up to you… let go.

Now I’m regrouping once again, ready for a major change. This time away from the flash and excitement and towards a quiet, creative life, connected with and grounded in nature. That’s what we do, make plans, life happens and we make new plans. It’s no big deal if you look at everything as an experience instead of a dissapointment. – Coov

P.S.: pics below are from the spot where I used to sit. One from the actual view and another from just a little higher up with an arrow on the you are here spot.


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