Society has a heart problem. Not a drug problem, a gun problem or a violence problem. Added or stricter laws aren’t the answer as we have laws for pretty much everything these days (including one they are trying to put in place that requires you to register your bicycle with DMV each year). Everything is regulated with laws but they are ineffective if people’s hearts aren’t in a good place.
A news article I read this morning reminded me of this. Long standing laws make it clear clear that you can’t;
…have an open container of alcohol in your vehicle.
…drive recklessly.
…drive impaired.
…drive with your license revoked.
…try to run people over with your vehicle.
…flee from an officer in your vehicle.
…communicate threats.
…possess cocaine.
…possess drug paraphernalia.
…point a firearm at someone without good reason.
…possess a firearm if you are a convicted felon.
Everyone knows that you can’t do any of these things yet one guy did them all here in our county recently. Laws don’t stop misguided people from doing things, they only stop those who respect those laws and don’t want the repercussions that come along with breaking them.
So this is for anyone wanting more laws or toughening of current laws; instead of asking for more restrictions for those of us who obey laws, put your effort into figuring out how to change people who break the law. Instead of wanting more people sent to prison, figure out how to keep more people out and productive, (when possible). The system isn’t broken, people are and more laws aren’t going to stop them or fix them. Quit asking for more government regulation. We have a heart problem. Figure out what’s causing that and you’ll make a difference. – Coov
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