Learn, grow and let go.

After more than 20 years of marriage, I have to say that Dianna no longer inspires me like she used to. I know it sounds bad, but it’s true.

You see, most of the stuff I write comes from my struggles, the negatives in my life. Every marriage has those and ours certainly is no exception. When life hands us struggles we have options as to how to handle them. We can pretend they don’t exist, we can get knocked down and give up, or we can dig deep and think our way through it. I prefer to dig deep and think my way through it. So that inspirational stuff I write sometimes that sounds like I am so at peace and calm… that is after the storm, after I’ve thought it through. The process that leads up to that is just as messy as everyone else’s process.

So when I say that Dianna no longer inspires me the way she used to, it’s because we’ve worked through the majority of our struggles. I no longer have to push anger to the side to seek wisdom. She inspires me in a different way now, in a positive way. We’ve both grown and we both lift each other up.

I’ve used our marriage as an example, but in all of life, it’s best accept our struggles, our negatives with a deep breath and turn them into positives. Learn, grow and let go. – Coov 😊✌️

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