Leave room in your head for yourself

Shot this pic of a dragonfly in our backyard the other day. The way he’s sitting and looking over the pond is the same way I try to view the world these days, from the sidelines.

If you keep out of the noise, you can hear better. Stay back away from it, you can see better. What really becomes obvious is how many people are all up on each other without a view of the big picture and arguing their point like it’s the only point.

Now if you watch that dragonfly for awhile, he sits there in his space but he will fly after another dragonfly if it gets too close and disturbs him. After he runs the other one off, he is back to his spot.

That’s kind of how I work these days. I’ve got my happy place where I stay until something disturbs me enough that I’ve got to get rid of it, get it out of my head. I run it off, let it go and I’m back to my place.

You can’t keep the world in your head. If you do there won’t be any room left for your own thoughts, your dreams, your own place of peace. – Coov


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