About Us


We have both walked a rocky path to get where we are today. In the long run it’s been a good thing because with adversity and hardship comes experience. The result has been a never ending search for more simplicity and inner peace. We feel very fortunate to have reached this place in life and also feel obligated to share our journey with others as it continues.

A few of the things we find most important…

We understand that a connection with nature is necessary to have a balanced life.

We don’t ignore the negatives. We acknowledge them but we focus on the positives.

There is lots of bad in the world and you will grow weary fighting it. It’s better to look for the good and put your energy into making it stronger.

You don’t have to forget but you need to forgive.

Let go of the past and don’t be anxious about the future.

A sense of community is important.

You can’t turn the world around when there are so many different beliefs about which way it should go. The focus needs to be on bringing people together, then finding a mutually beneficial direction.

A connection with the Creator is a good thing.


Our Purpose…

Our purpose is to share the things we have outlined in the intro about us. We will do this through our blog, drum circles, guided hiking, life enrichment classes, sound mediation and many other things as time allows for expansion of our services.

Our Goal…

Our goal is to get people to think for themselves, treat others well, live a more simple life with less drama and negativity. We want to encourage others to have balance in their lives in all things, especially between mind, body and soul.

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