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000 Hikes

Hiking… We offer guided hikes in Western NC. Most days go about like this; we leave from Statesville in the morning and stop in Morganton for some breakfast. Then we continue to the location of your choice. You let us know ahead of time if you want peaks, waterfalls or both, long hikes or short, challenging or easy. After a day of hiking, we cruise back towards civilization and stop for some supper to finish the journey.

It will be a day of reflection and fellowship that will reset your mind. If you think of your mind as a computer, the more you use it, the more junk get stored in it. Just like a computer, your mind can’t run as well until it is cleared out. A peaceful day in nature resets your mind leaving only what matters behind. Mentally, a great day on the trail is comparable to a week on vacation. 

Your day will be catered to you. We drive and guide, you enjoy. You provide your meal costs and bring snacks for the trail. We will handle everything else including a daypack and/or fanny pack if you don’t have one.

The cost for one person for the day is $100. Two people share a cost of $150 ($75 each) and three people split a cost of $180 ($60 each). To put that in comparison, a one hour massage is usually around $60 and this is for a day of relaxation so it’s a great investment.

We go year round and prefer to go on weekdays when possible, as the trails are more desolate and quiet. Weekends can also be done, there’s just more chance of running into others. Contact us for more info and enjoy the slideshow below from past hikes! Contact us here.

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Kayaking, Drum Circle and Life Enrichment Class info to be added soon!!