Who you used to be…

Pretty profound, came to me yesterday.
If you’ve been through some low points in your life, one of the hardest things is loving who you used to be, that person you no longer like at all. Problem is, if you can’t love who you used to be, you can’t love who you are, because who you used to be, will always be a part of who you are now.
Also, you won’t be able to love others who remind you of who you used to be which is pretty damn hypocritical.
One more thing… if you hate yourself for who you used to be, you assume that others who knew you then, hate you as well. That’s a pretty heavy burden to carry.  – Coov
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Learn, grow and let go.

After more than 20 years of marriage, I have to say that Dianna no longer inspires me like she used to. I know it sounds bad, but it’s true.

You see, most of the stuff I write comes from my struggles, the negatives in my life. Every marriage has those and ours certainly is no exception. When life hands us struggles we have options as to how to handle them. We can pretend they don’t exist, we can get knocked down and give up, or we can dig deep and think our way through it. I prefer to dig deep and think my way through it. So that inspirational stuff I write sometimes that sounds like I am so at peace and calm… that is after the storm, after I’ve thought it through. The process that leads up to that is just as messy as everyone else’s process.

So when I say that Dianna no longer inspires me the way she used to, it’s because we’ve worked through the majority of our struggles. I no longer have to push anger to the side to seek wisdom. She inspires me in a different way now, in a positive way. We’ve both grown and we both lift each other up.

I’ve used our marriage as an example, but in all of life, it’s best accept our struggles, our negatives with a deep breath and turn them into positives. Learn, grow and let go. – Coov 😊✌️

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Think for yourself. Be yourself.

One of my friends came to visit years ago not long after Dianna and I had first gotten together. After he left she said that she had just realized something… all of my friends were weird. Said she didn’t mean it in a negative way. I told her no need to explain, I understood completely.

My best friends are all individuals who walk their own path and think for themselves. That makes them “weird” in a society where most people find a group to fit into. They go through life like a school of fish, thinking a certain way, wearing certain clothes, feeling secure because they fit and belong in their circle. They have no understanding or connection to those who think differently and no interest in trying to see the point of differing views. Sometimes they jump into another school and change direction, but they always belong to a group.

My friends… are able to stand alone and see the merit of all sides and groups. There is no “us against them” because they also understand the necessity of working together to get along. They don’t create problems and they don’t have a fear of those with different beliefs or a different lifestyle than their own. My closest friends have no tolerance of hatred because they realize that hatred is just fear turned inside out.

My best friends are neither far left or far right, they are just people wanting to get along, live life and allow others to live their life. My closest friends will talk to anyone or help anyone who is trying to help themselves because they see another human being struggling, not because they are part of their group. People talk about “their tribe,” the people who have no tribe, that’s my tribe.

So, think for yourself. Be kind. Don’t add to the division by falling into the rut and false security of only seeing things your way. It’s a mighty thin slice of ham that doesn’t have two sides. – Coov

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Society has a heart problem. Not a drug problem, a gun problem or a violence problem. Added or stricter laws aren’t the answer as we have laws for pretty much everything these days (including one they are trying to put in place that requires you to register your bicycle with DMV each year). Everything is regulated with laws but they are ineffective if people’s hearts aren’t in a good place.
A news article I read this morning reminded me of this. Long standing laws make it clear clear that you can’t;
…have an open container of alcohol in your vehicle.
…drive recklessly.
…drive impaired.
…drive with your license revoked.
…try to run people over with your vehicle.
…flee from an officer in your vehicle.
…communicate threats.
…possess cocaine.
…possess drug paraphernalia.
…point a firearm at someone without good reason.
…possess a firearm if you are a convicted felon.
Everyone knows that you can’t do any of these things yet one guy did them all here in our county recently. Laws don’t stop misguided people from doing things, they only stop those who respect those laws and don’t want the repercussions that come along with breaking them.
So this is for anyone wanting more laws or toughening of current laws; instead of asking for more restrictions for those of us who obey laws, put your effort into figuring out how to change people who break the law. Instead of wanting more people sent to prison, figure out how to keep more people out and productive, (when possible). The system isn’t broken, people are and more laws aren’t going to stop them or fix them. Quit asking for more government regulation. We have a heart problem. Figure out what’s causing that and you’ll make a difference. – Coov
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