Get Along Or Get Out Of The Way

I’ve not touched on any societal subjects in a while, kind of getting away from that, but I will share this article and my thoughts.

Summary; the dude won’t bake a cake for someone’s transgender celebration, same guy that wouldn’t bake a wedding cake for the gay couple. Just like the gay couple, this transgender person is suing.

My take; this is two people who just like to fight to make a point. The dude should just bake the cake. People in restaurants who don’t eat pork still serve it (only one example). It’s a service, not a request for your opinion. As for the transgender dude/lady, take your business elsewhere and let all of your friends know that the business isn’t LGBT friendly towards celebrations or events. Just the fact that you went to the guy knowing his history tells me that you wanted a fight.

The reason for so much conflict in society is that people are too busy looking for what’s wrong with others instead of looking for what’s right. The majority of people could get along just fine if they would find the good in others instead of defining them by one difference. Let it go and focus on figuring out why you are so unhappy that you have to look for reasons not to like people except those in your little group.

Get along or get out of the way. The rest of us would like to live in peace.

Link to article here

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It isn’t what we do, it’s what we don’t do.

This thought isn’t about what I did, it’s about what I didn’t do and I’m sharing this to maybe get others to think. Having said that, please don’t reply about me and what I did. That isn’t the result I’m looking to get. Also, I don’t do this for everyone I meet, it’s a case by case basis. Here it is…

This fellow was wandering through a parking lot today asking people if they had a dollar, four people turned him away. I hopped in the van before he could get to me so I could scope him out for a minute. First thing I noticed was the full pack with a sleeping bag so I figured he wasn’t from around here. I drove over to where he was walking away, pulled up and started talking to him. I asked him where he was headed and he said Georgia. Asked where he was coming from and he said Maine. Reasons for being on the road, his people in Maine were addicted to drugs and alcohol and so was he. I asked what kind of stuff did he get into and he said heroin, meth, pills… I cut him off and said, all the above? He said yeah and he had some friends in Atlanta he was going to live with. His main concern was he wanted to know if there was food pantry or soup kitchen anywhere around, that’s what he kept asking about. He was more interested in that than money. I already had a ten laid out of sight in my lap to give him, but after talking to him I reached in my wallet and pulled out a twenty. He was elated and thanked me profusely. I asked permission to get his pic, told him I like to hear people’s stories. He was happy to oblige. 

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Reality is different for everyone

I had one of those moments of clarity today, you know where something that would have sounded absurd yesterday suddenly makes sense.

Everybody’s reality is different. I used to think that reality was well, reality; “the world or the state of things as they actually exist, as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of them.”

Each person’s perception of anything is based on their past experiences and things that have happened directly around them. Every societal argument is the result of those different experiences. So who is right and who is wrong? Everyone is right, even if they are wrong. If I lost you stay with me.

Just one for instance…. someone who grew up without violence in their life wouldn’t feel the need to be on edge and keep a firearm around for protection, whereas someone who witnessed lots of hostility and violence wouldn’t be comfortable without one close by at all times.

You can argue with each other until you’re blue in the face and not reach an understanding because you are arguing what you know to be facts.

This can be applied to pretty much everything in life. We may share the same earth but we have all gone down different paths. What we have seen ourselves is what we know.

Maybe we should cut each other some slack and most importantly, listen to hear instead of listening to respond. It can be hard to do, but try to understand where others are coming from and they will probably do the same for you. That is how knowledge is shared, perspective is gained and differences mended. – Coov




The Deception Of Society

Its 5am and I just got up after laying in the bed awake for an hour. We went to bed at 12 so that leaves me with 4 hours sleep. My body needs the rest but my mind is going 100 mile an hour. I have been in a battle with myself on a daily basis. Necessity makes me get up and head out to work every day, but I can feel my spirit dying as it needs a reprieve from the routine that I am subjected to as a result. I can tell that I need healing, both mentally and physically to undo the damage that has been done from stress and digesting a life that is more in a service of things than for myself and others. A life that doesn’t feed your soul is a living death. We weren’t placed on this earth to work, pay bills and die. It is no wonder most people are miserable below the surface. I regret that I ever bought into the lie that to be someone we must own things and the more we own, the more successful we must be. There are basic needs like food, clothing and shelter but after that we are only working to satisfy ego and the approval of others.

I realize now that the beginning and end of the pursuit of happiness is internal. We can’t truly be satisfied by anything external except for the  gratitude from others for who we have done a good turn. We shouldn’t be so busy trying to keep our bills paid that we don’t have time to spend with each other and also alone with ourselves in reflection.  There should be no need to escape from our daily lives in order to remain sane. Society dictates that we own too many things and as a result we become enslaved to debt. The dollar becomes our judge and our possessions become the jailers.

In my mind I can hear the sound of Linville Gorge playing over and over from the cliffs of Shortoff; just an untamed wind and the steady distant roar of the river down below. I am in dire need of that place to wash away all in my mind and soul that doesn’t matter.  

I figured out a while back that I am “on the spectrum” with  Asperger’s syndrome. It isn’t a bad thing, it actually explains a lot and brings me peace. Now I understand so much about myself that was troubling before. I consider it a gift and no longer fight the urge to “fit in.” Outside noise becomes chaos that disrupts my thought process, disturbs my soul, angers me and then I find myself at war with the world. I have more going on inside than out and I’m happy that way, that’s where my balance is.

Dianna and I are currently in the process of rewriting the script for our life to include more of what matters and less of what is “expected”. We hope to open the hearts and minds of others to a simpler, more fulfilling walk on earth.  – Larry  



Shortoff 15
The view from Shortoff looking South, Linville Gorge
Shortoff 14
The view looking North towards the Chimneys,  Tablerock and Hawksbill.