Create your surroundings with kindness

I attended a celebration of life service last week that had people from all walks of life (which was awesome). It was a large crowd so I was seated in a side wing where I had a good view of everyone. One thing about those types of gatherings, they are humbling. Everyone is joined together and facing the reality that our time on this earth has limits.
As I looked over the crowd, these thoughts came to me… We are all here for a short time and we are all just trying to get by the best we can. Where does anyone legitimately find time to fuss and fight and why would you want to drag someone else down who is also trying to get by? If anything we should lift each other up, not just during hard times but always. There would actually be fewer hard times if it was that way.
There will always be some who will cause problems for you and others but it’s your choice on how to respond. You decide if it stops with you or if you will be like them and add to the negativity in the world. Granted, some things can’t be overlooked and have to be addressed, but be sure that is the case and not just you responding out of pride. And remember, you are the center of the chaos you perpetuate. You have to live in whatever environment you create. 
Gandhi said for us to be the change we wish to see in the world. The Creator’s handbook tells us to love others as ourselves and to treat others as we want to be treated. No matter how you word it, we all know what we are supposed to do. We just need to do it, regardless of what others do.  – Coov
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Formality is unhealthy for the soul

Over the years I’ve developed a severe distaste for anything formal; formal events, formal clothes, anything that dictates “everyone must be and dress this way” instead of being yourself. It is unnatural and unhealthy for the soul. I also resent formal timekeeping.
I’ve fell into the habit (when possible) of doing stuff until I’m done. I don’t set an alarm because I sleep until I’m done. I have my down time in the morning and leave the house when I’m done. I work until I’m done, eat when I’m hungry, hike until I’m done and kayak until I’m done.
When someone asks me what time I’ll be there, it’s kind of like water running across the ground. It’s goes left and right, around stuff, pools up here and there before rushing down to the next spot. That’s how I go about my day. It seems much more natural then doing stuff by a clock. The clock doesn’t know or care anything about me or anyone else. It’s just a man made device of plastic and metal powered by a battery that counts down the minutes of my life. I prefer the sun and the moon, day and night, those are much better time keepers.
Native American Elder Dan in the book Neither Wolf Nor Dog; “I remember in that boarding school when they made us stand up and say that pledge to the flag. There was an eagle on top of the pole. They said that was the symbol of America. But I just looked right past that eagle. I knew what the real symbol was. It was that damn clock hanging behind it on the wall.”
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What you say and how you say it

I used to like to express my opinions but now I’m more about sharing my thoughts. I had to learn a better way because there is enough fighting and arguing, no need to add to it.

When you toss your opinion out for others to read there will be two responses, those who agree and those who disagree. It will start fights with those who disagree and nothing productive comes out of having people agree with you other than more people on “your side”. Either way you have only added to the problem.

We don’t need sides, we don’t need “us against them”, we need just “us”. We need discussions, not arguments. The way that comes about is like this; share your thoughts in a way that encourages thought instead of provoking a response. It’s not hard to do, you just take the emotion out of your words because if there is anger behind them, it will come though.

Also, present your viewpoint without expectation. People of differing views may not get what you say but they will hear you and be able to think on it. Most arguments start because viewpoints are blatantly thrown out there and because people expect the others to agree with them. If you believe what you believe, be at peace with that. People are drawn to peace but are pushed away by anger. Anger will never convince someone that you are right.

Keep in mind that some people just like to fight no matter what you say or how you say it. It’s because they are unhappy with themselves and their life, that’s their problem not yours. You can’t fix others, but you can fix you and you can make the world a better place by what you say and how you say it. – Coov

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Turn the TV off and love your neighbor

I have been a registered Republican all my life, still am. At one time I liked the Republican way of thinking, now I am Republican by name only. Started to go change it to Independant but why bother. This country has turned into such a mess because of the us against them mentality that has infected both parties and has been promoted by the media for their profit. People are becoming increasingly polarized by politics, race and religion and humanity is going backwards. The older I get, the less time I have left on this earth and the less time I have to fight and argue with people over things that will pass or are out of my control.
I saw a sign at a church the other day that said, “Turn the TV off and love your neighbor.” Well said.
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I have always been fascinated with power. It’s a major rush to twist a throttle and have a 600 pound motorcycle stand up on one wheel or to pull a trigger and feel the explosive recoil of a firearm. It’s awesome to stand next to a car with a built engine feeling the ground pound and hearing the thump in your head. There are other examples, so toss  your own into the mix.

Those types of power can be had by anyone. All you have to do is sell time out of your life in exchange for money to buy the power item of your choice.  

There isn’t anything wrong with having any of the things above, but now I’m more impressed with the powers that are free, the ones that no amount of money can buy. The power of compassion, of love, of respect, of understanding, of kindness, of generosity and the power of laughter. These are the things that have the potential make the world an awesome place. Ironically, the things you have to sacrifice to buy only benefit you and your ego while the things that are free benefit everyone, including yourself.

There is another power that I have a deep respect for and that is the power of nature. Nature has the ability to heal minds, soothe broken hearts and calm nerves. It also has the power to take back anything built in its path. That second power keeps me humble and reminds me of my place on this earth. It reminds me that I am a minuscule part of creation, not the center of it.

It’s important to think about the powers that you consider most valuable and how they benefit you and those around you. There are those things that are fun and those that are meaningful. They are all good, but balance is most important. – Coov

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