Good morning from the woods.

I woke up this morning to find one of the great nocturnal singers of the night on our kitchen ceiling. He no doubt flew in the door undetected. I carried him outside where we found the earth refreshed by the heavy rain that rolled through around midnight. The first thing he set about doing was to eat on the Siberian iris where I perched him. Now he can get refueled to sing for us again tonight. – Larry



Being Heard

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If you have people you love, here’s some great advice; turn off the TV, the radio, the phone. Turn everything off, go outside and talk to each other. More importantly, listen to each other. I think more than anything nowadays, people want to be heard. I know other people are listening, but they are listening to respond, not to hear.

Nobody gets heard anymore, so tell us what’s on your mind. Let us know your good thoughts, we want to hear them. – Larry & Dianna