Disaster or nature?

This is one of those posts that may not be very popular, but the truth isn’t always handy. While I am sympathetic towards the loss of life and also the loss of property from the wildfires, there is another side to consider.

California is a beautiful state with a wide variety of natural wonders but it comes at a price. Johnny Carson said it well when he said that California is the only state that has earthquakes to start mudslides to put out it’s brush fires. I understand that this time was reportedly started by sparks from power lines needing to be better maintained. However, the potential is always there whether it is from a campfire, or even lightning. Forests have been catching fire since the beginning of time, burning out and regrowing.

Same goes for having a house near the ocean. It is a matter of time until a hurricane comes ashore and wipes out everything in its path. Or, going back to California, the cliffs erode and homes fall into the ocean.

It’s not really a disaster so much as nature taking its course. We choose what we want to build and where we want to build it, nature decides if it stays.

Our house for example is in the woods. We love it back here, surrounded by trees. Winter is coming on though and our power line runs down our long driveway. We can expect ice storms to drop trees on our power line and because of where we are, we can also expect longer outages than most. Years ago we were without power for two and a half weeks. And, with trees across the driveway we can’t get out until the trees are cut. There is also the potential that a large tree could fall on our home due to the ice in winter or a hurricane, or tornado in the summer. There is always the chance that we will be in the house when it happens. We chose this land and we chose to leave the trees when we cleared out to put our home here. Choices come with consequences that we have to be willing to accept.

I’m not dismissing the heartbreak of loss of life and the inconvenience of loss of property, however when these things happen they are a natural act of the earth in motion. Nature has cycles and we are subject to the results of those cycles. We can be only be thankful for the time the Creator has given us to live on this fascinating planet, wherever we choose to live. – Coov

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Take time to be you

There are lots of things we need to be; honest, fair, reliable, etc. Probably the hardest thing to be is ourselves. We’ve got to know who we are, and unless we’re in a rut, that changes from time to time. Plus, the majority of us spend most of our waking time making money where we have to fit in a box. Those who are involved in organized religion or any organization for that matter, are given a box. The average friendship requires that you fit in a box. Being out in public, a box.


The only time we aren’t under obligation to conform is when we are alone or with our closest friends. There is almost always a pressure to think or be a certain way. We are all actors on some level. With all that conformity, it’s easy to lose touch with who you are and what makes you tick.


This is why I enjoy my alone time. I can think without influence and allow “me” to come through. That’s important if you want to be at peace and to be truly happy. You need time alone to figure things out without being told how to think, how to feel. Life is about making others happy, but we have to be happy for that to work. You can’t give what you don’t have and conforming to others without a break causes a depleted soul and a mind devoid of inner thought.


If you are comfortable with where you are and what you’ve got figured out, you are probably just in a rut. Personally, I keep the unsettled feeling that there is always something more to get, more to understand, something else to create and something new to experience. That’s the stuff that feeds your soul and helps you discover the extent of who you are. I believe that extends past this world and into the next which means we have an eternity of growing and expanding. That’s a pretty cool thought. – Coov


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You don’t have to fit in a box to fit in

Several years back a young man was practising to play a singing part in a Christmas play at a large church in our area. It was found out that he was also in a singing contest at a local eating place where they served alcohol and the girls dressed minimally. He was given the option of being in the play or singing at that eating place. I’m not sure which choice he made but I’ve been reading Willie Nelson’s book and the same thing came up in there and I sure did relate.

Nelson was a Sunday school teacher at a Baptist Church in Texas. He also played the honky tonks with his band every chance he got. The preacher of the church found out and they had the following discussion;

“In those lessons you’ve been giving, you’ve talked about the spiritual feeling you get while playing your music at night clubs.”

“That’s right.”

“And you’re still playing at those nightclubs?”

“Every chance I get.”

“Then I don’t see how you can keep teaching Sunday school.”

“Not sure I understand, preacher.”

“Those two worlds are incompatible. You can’t be singing for drunkards on Saturday night and then speaking to God’s people on Sunday morning.”

“Aren’t those drunkards God’s people as well?”

“That’s not the point. The point is that this church cannot harbor hypocrites.”

Willie goes on to say; “The truth is that I didn’t feel hypocritical in the least. I also didn’t feel compelled to defend myself. If anything, I saw the church – supposedly open to all sinners – as hypocritical. At the same time, why argue with the preacher? The best thing was simply to get up and leave.”

“I missed the services and the fellowship, but I took my dismissal from the Metrolina Baptist as an opportunity to delve deeper into the mystery of the Holy Spirit. More than ever, I sought to learn about the Lord.” (Book credit below)

From me… if you have left formal church because of conflicts of beliefs or other disappointments, don’t get bitter, get better. What works for others may not work for you, that’s okay on both ends. Formal church isn’t the only path to the Creator, use your new found freedom to connect in your own way. If you miss the fellowship, like we do, ask about our drum circles and let us know that you would like to fellowship with us. We share a campfire, have drumming and share thoughts about life and daily struggles. We are forming a community of those who want fellowship but don’t fit in elsewhere. Feel free to join us. – Coov

(Credit: Excerpt taken from Willie Nelson’s book “It’s a long story. My life. with David Ritz 2015)

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