Show me what you’ve got

I posted a video on FB that someone had edited to make Trump and Hillary appear to be singing together. Nice to see something with either one of them that wasn’t related to conflict, just a bit of humor.
Got me to thinking though. Not sure that Facebook can survive another Presidential election. That is unless the majority of people have learned from the last one, learned to let others have their opinion whether or not they agree with your own. We don’t have to agree, but we sure as hell need to get along.
At the end of the day, friendship, encouragement and humor are what we all need to get through the highs and lows of life; those things that happen that we can’t avoid and to quote JJ Grey, the problems that we invent.
I love having friends from all walks of life and different views.The only time that becomes a problem is if any of them want to spend their energy and time telling others that they are wrong instead of trying to make the world a better place… their way. That’s the thing right there, show me what you’ve got. Put it to use and make it work. If you think your way is best, work alongside everyone else. We might learn something from each other and believe or not, find compromise that benefits us all. – Coov
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An open heart

More wisdom from Willie Nelson’s book It’s a long story; my life.
Nelson talks about how his grandma always had an open heart for people and that brought about a whole new understanding for me. I thought it bothered me when people are closed minded and it still does to an extent, but now I realize that isn’t what troubled me the most; it’s when people have a closed heart.
You can be steadfast in your beliefs, but still be open hearted towards those who believe differently and who live differently from you. Basically it’s just the old adage “Love one another” being put into motion.
Keep an open heart. Be compassionate. Love others. It won’t change who you are and what you believe but it will change the world around you. – Coov
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Response to life

Those who have been trampled by life are easy to spot by either their constant complaining or their relentless optimism.
Usually those who express the most beauty in words, art, music and actions are also struggling the most, or have suffered the most pain. It’s a survival reaction to get away from the hurt and move on to a better place. It’s like being dragged down to the dark depths of the ocean of despair. You can either give up and drown in sorrow or swim hard for the surface and the light.
No matter what happens around us or to us, we are our biggest influence…
Watch your thoughts, they become words.
Watch your words, they become actions.
Watch your actions they become habits
Watch your habits, they become your character.
Watch your character, it becomes your destiny.
You can’t always control what happens in life, but you can create the atmosphere of your reality. – Coov
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Embrace the low places in life

Everyone’s life has high places and low places. How we react to them is very important. When we are up and things are going well, it’s easy to take the positives for granted and to forget to be thankful. Stop and savor the moment, because what goes up will eventually come down.

When we hit those low swings there are two reactions that are detrimental to us getting better. One is developing a victim mentality and blaming someone else. The second is allowing ourselves to become angry. If you do either, that is where you will be stuck until you choose differently. Low spots are actually good for us if we react the right way. Instead of wondering why this is happening, consider what you can learn from it. We learn very little during good times. Our best wisdom and deepest growth are usually the result of hardship and sorrow. Don’t be afraid to step away from the crowd to be alone and sort things out. It’s okay to ask others for their thoughts, but the real answers, the ones that you are searching for, are inside yourself.

Enjoy the good times and don’t take them for granted, they are a gift. Embrace the harder times because they are also a gift. Laughter feeds the soul, sorrow makes the soul stronger and more resilient.  Learn from all that life hands you and you will gain valuable understanding that will bring you peace. – Coov

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